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Shhh! Don’t Touch Anything

Shhh!  Don't Touch Anything

Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

Entering the Austrian National Library is a jaw dropping moment in ones life. After buying my ticket, then having it scanned, then looking up I was drooling with delight. This place looks like something out of Harry Potter but its here and in front of me! I wasn’t allowed to use my tripod inside for this triple exposure 4 shot panorama but it obviously didn’t matter. What pushed me over the edge is that there was a Wagner exhibit as well. Some of his original music written by him was on display. The pages looked almost fresh they were preserved so well. I have a few different shots from in here that will be seeping into your feed eventually but I had to share this one as soon as I could!
Some of these book located in the Baroque surrounding of the Palais Mollard-Clary date back between 1349–1395. You can see feel and breath the history in here. I will be editing this post with more history soon as I have to run to the theater now but please view full frame and feel free to share! Prost!


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