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Zoe Jakes, Mira Betz, Auberon Shull, and Raggedy Ann with Beats Antique



Sharon Kihara


Belly Dance Soulfire #1

Sharon Kihara and Fool Proof Clothing

Sharon Kihara Oregon Country Fair 2011 Gypsy Caravan Stage

Zoe Jakes, Oregon Country Fair 2011

Colleena Shakti Oregon Country Fair 2011 Gypsy Caravan Stage

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Introducing Amel Tafsout…

Introducing Rachel Brice…

Introducing Kimberly Mackoy

One more Beats Antique Wonderland Ballroom…

Beats Antique Wonderland Ballroom

Introducing Zoe Jakes

Introducing Elizabeth Strong

Introducing Samantha Emanuel #2

Introducing Sedona Ruiz

Waxing Cinematic 1

Samantha Emanuel

Heather Aued

“The Oracle” Bellydance Evolution

This is one of my favorite photo’s taken at a performance of “Immortal Desires” by Bellydance Evolution.  If you ever get a chance to see this show you should jump at it!

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